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I moved to the Netherlands in 2007, with nothing but a suitcase and two cats, and knowing only how to make scrambled eggs and a decent pot of coffee.  No joke--my cooking skills were nonexistent.  Fast forward six years and a lot of crow, and it's not unusual to see me chopping onions while two pots simmer and the oven's going while telling the kidlet to chew before he swallows his stuffed dog.

I wouldn't call myself a foodie, and though I know how food works, I'm also not afraid to try out new things, to see what works and what doesn't (much to Karel's dismay).  I was inspired to start this blog because while a lot of expats love to gripe about Dutch food--it's s almost like a merit badge, "You can't be a real blogger because you don't have a post about how horrible the food is"--there aren't that many blogs that showcase what you can do with the food that's available here, and the surprising crops you can reap if you just know where to look.

Also, I'm too damn cheap to be a foodie.  Rack of lamb?  Not when a tough, sinewy, collagen-riddled cut of beef is on sale.  Organic winter greens watered by the tears of baby unicorns?  Our fridge contains two things, mostly, in the winter:  apples and kale.  There's a reason for that, too, and that reason is called "€1 or less per kilo".

But just because I'm cheap doesn't mean food shouldn't taste good.  There's nothing morally wrong with having food you like eating.  There's nothing wrong with food you like eating costing less than a meal at McDonald's, either.  And there's nothing wrong with food you like eating, costing less than a meal at McDonald's, being so easy my two-year-old can make it.

Ok, so maybe the last is a bit of stretch.  But why shouldn't food be tasty, easy, and cheap?  Does it sound like too much to ask?  Well, there's only one way to find out.  

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